Easy Access To Your Business

Real-Time Reports

Offline Protection

High-Levels of Security

GST Ready

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Gain valuable insights into your Sales, Product Performance, Discounts and Customers in real time. This allows you to make decisions that are statistically proven to help further your business.

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With our dual database technology, AuroraPOS is able to run seamlessly even when your internet is down. So rest assured, your store will never close due to unreliable internet.

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AuroraPOS comes equipped with various checks, balances and failsafes to ensure that your business is run free from security distractions and blame games. Every action is tracked and accountable to the person who did it.

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AuroraPOS handles multiple tax codes and is linked directly to our built-in accounting system or can be exported to your accounting system for proper reporting on your Goods & Services Tax.

User-Friendly Interface for Employees

Roles And Permissions

Table Design & Layout

User-Friendly Backend

Scroll & Search

Effectively manage staff with personalised roles for employees and PIN-dependent permissions to access different features. Even better, all of AuroraPOS’s permissions and roles can be programmed into key-cards, reducing the hassle of remembering passwords.

Design your own table layout according to how your restaurant looks to make it easier during that rush hour when sped and efficiency is king.

AuroraPOS’s backend is easily accessible to make any adjustments or customisations as simple as possible for your staff. Features such as menu management and payroll management can be done by anyone with permission without hassle.

Browse seamlessly through your menu with our intuitive navigation, or find specific items immediately with our powerful item search.

Know Your Customers

Analyse Your Sales Data

Customisable Receipts

Discounts & Promotions

Own The Software After 2 Years

Good service is the core of all great businesses. Once you agree to signing on with us, we’ll come over and set everything up for you, including training all your staff to use it. Further enhance your business by increasing the number of printers, cash drawers or card scanners.

We update very often, including bug fixes and feature improvements. All updates to our softwares come free-of-charge so your store can keep up with the times.

All our paying customers get unlimited phone and email support 24-Hours for free. Your comfort is our service guarantee.

Our monthly payments only last 2 years, after that the software is yours! Get your monthly validation codes straight from our website when you make your monthly payments. Once the system recognises that 24 months have been paid for, you own the system!