We Know Retail POS

Your store is charming, and your register should be too! Regardless of your design and store concept, GrowthPOS’s business point of sale enables you to centrally manage your hot sales reports, messy inventory and loyalty customers.

Manage your inventory

GrowthPOS Retail POS makes it easy to purchase from suppliers, get to know what’s in stock and where, transfer inventory.

Track your success

Easy-to-understand Dashboard and customize your report to give you high level view of your store. The report will show the sale and HOT of your store.

Increasing your sales

Switch from your mouth and asking to sale just one button. GrowthPOS’s POS let you keep track your loyalty customer profile.

The Retail Features

Quoting, Invoicing, Ordering

We gives your salespeople all the tools that a retail need to serve to customers effectively at each step in the sales cycle.

  • Create quotes and invoices in seconds with fill up a form and save.
  • Click once to convert the quote into an order to request the stocks or a sales to complete the purchase.

Pricing and Quantity Discounts

Generate an accurate and informed pricing strategies to increase the margins.

  • Build repeat sales and customer loyalty through automated discounts based on quantity, a fix amount or customer category.
  • Create discount rules that automatically apply new pricing when pre-defined criteria are met like seasoning promotion.

Jobs & Timesheets

Service-based businesses can process time-billing, schedule appointments, and create and sell products to reflect the services they sell.


Demonstrate to your customers that you know and care about them by taking advantage of GrowthPOS’s unique features to track, manage, and keep in touch with your customer. The store’s customer profile captures and organizes customer history, giving you instant access to individual contact info, credit limits, tax preferences as well as an accurate history of each customer’s calls, transactions and purchases.

Manage customer relationships

  • Send email blasts to promote special offers that will appeal to different customer levels.
  • Reward specific potential customer with automated discounts.

GrowthPOS makes it easy to build and manage a contact list of your customers. There’s a full history of purchases your customers have made, and you can export all customers and account balances for reporting.


GrowthPOS help you manage your inventory just a device and touch it. It integrates sale, inventory and purchasing process to get you the right merchandise at the right time to cut the cost and speed up your profits.

Simplicity of management

  • Track inventory and serialized product with precision as it moves through your store.
  • Re-order points prompt you when product levels run low.
  • Virtual Warehouses allow you to transfer stock from your sellable inventory to one of ten ‘stockpiles’

Get help with inventory counts

  • Complete full or partial inventory counts of your products to set initial stock levels, or manage your regular counts with the stock number, date and status.
  • Always keep track where your products, and how the performances just a stock movement number (SM.no)

Truly inspired purchasing power

  • Growthpos’s purchasing process allow you to compile the purchase orders and back orders including the invoice in record time and change suppliers on the fly.


Keep your accountant happy with our GrowthPOS account’s feature. Manage your staff with all their performances and all the details.


Customize what you want to know, when you want to know it. GrowthPOS point of sale’s powerful reporting module makes it easy to configure and run reports with blazing speed and is designed to help you focus on your product information to identify strengths and correct weaknesses quickly and easily for strategic advantage.

Reporting and chart

  • Gives store owners the ability to build and customize reports, custom fields, filter, summarize, group and total results, set sort order, save custom reports.
  • A visual snapshot of the most important elements of your store such as hot item and best sale day-by-day.
  • Our reporting is a customizable reporting engine that allows retailers to access all the data they need on their stores, sales and inventory across all distribution channels or from master point of sale.

Daily report

  • Use the End Of Day cash-out report for a daily summary of sales activities, including deposits, returns and breakdowns by category.
  • All reports can be printed, previewed, or exported to Excel.

A touchable and clickable point of sale.

Accept payments. Cash, debit, credit, even a gift card.

No signal necessary. During down time, all your data will hold for a while but still can access and send the data to cloud.

Know your customers. Create a new customer profile or attach sale into existing customers in your growthpos database.

Easily search products. Tap through stock number to discover products, or scan a barcode to pull up any item immediately.

Secure your data. The point of sale frequent routine backup over the internet making sure that your data is always available online and offline. All backup are done automatically.

Back to your POS. Want to finish up a sale on your system? It’s easy to hand it off mid-sale, with the correct employee attached.

Seeing is believing. Try GrowthPOS in your store today!